Zotrim Compared to Appesat and Alli
Weight Loss Supplements

Do you know that Zotrim costs less money for pound lost, than Appesat and Alli?

Analysis of the published results of each weight loss product shows that Zotrim is a much more cost-effective way to reduce weight and provides quicker results.

  How it works Change life style? Weight reduction (compaired to placebo) Cost per day
(proven dose)
 Alli  Blocks the ability to absorb fat  Low fat and low calorie diet  4 lbs in 12 weeks  $3.56
 Appesat  Fills stomach  Low fat and low calorie diet  8 lbs in 12 weeks  $3.60
 Zotrim  Inrease satiety, decrease hunger, feel fuller for longer  No change needed  11 lbs in 6 weeks  $2.20

A 45 day research showed that those on Zotrim lost on average 11 pounds of weight over and above those taking the placebo. This amount to a cost of around $9 per pound of weight loss, with no side effects.

Alli and Appesat in numbers:

Alli costs around $74 per pound of weight loss and takes 80 days to lose just 4 lbs more than placebo. As you see, this is over eight times more expensive per pound lost than Zotrim.

Appesat costs up to twelve times more than Zotrim in order to lose the same amount of weight. To be exact, Appesat costs around $112 per pound of weight loss and takes 84 days to lose 8 lbs more than placebo.

After six weeks, trialists taking Appesat lost the same amount of weight as those taking the placebo; whereas those taking Zotrim lost 11 lbs more than the placebo group in the same time (the equivalent of five bags of sugar!!!).

Other Zotrim benefits

What's more important, the Zotrim research results were obtained without any changes in lifestyle or diet. However, all users are offered advice on lifestyle change via the online Zotrim "Step-by-Step" guide to help boost weight loss even further.

Zotrim can also be used alonside other diet and exercise programmes and there are no minimum BMI restrictions. With Zotrim, it is the "dieting without hunger" that helps sustain a healthy weight loss.

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