Two Types of Creams to Efficiently Stop Body Hair Growth

Do you wonder about stop hair growth creams and which will be the right ones for you? You know, which one will help with that annoying clump of hair on your ... put those body parts here.

Well, you no longer have to be in the dark. There are two types of creams out there that will help you, depending on what kind of results you are looking for. Whether you need it completely gone in a quick fashion or want more long term results with it staying gone.

Inhibitor Creams

Stopping the growth of hair can be difficult because you have to make sure and get to the root or follicle of the hair. To start with, there are creams that will give you better results in a long term fashion, these will act as a retardant. Specifically these are hair inhibitors. Over time the cream will reach the follicle and change it or damage it.

hairy arm

This will not take affect right away on the hair, so it is important to keep up your daily routine for a while. The cream will start changing the younger hairs first because their follicles are fresher. What changes are going to take place? Your hair will begin to look lighter and will feel thinner than it was before.

When you notice this change you can be assured that the inhibitor cream is starting to work. As it occurs, you can attempt to reduce your daily shaving habits on that area. A common rule with hair, is the less you shave, the fewer noticeable hairs you will have.

Depilatory Creams

If you want faster results because you have something to do the next day, then you need to look for depilatory creams. The cream works by causing a reaction with the proteins in the hairs that you are applying it to. The proteins weaken and therefore the hair weakens or dissolves, allowing you to wash it away easily. Now, these types of creams are not going to have the same long term results as the inhibitors do.

While it may not take care of the hair forever, you will notice that the hair is removed for two weeks or longer. The length of time will depend on which product you buy. Also, what type of hair you have; if your hair is thicker or coarser than the cream may take more than one use or may not last as long.

These creams are a bit harder to use on certain areas of the body, because you can’t guarantee you are only getting the one strand of hair you want. Normally, you will find that there are different specific products for local areas of the body. In addition, because of the immediate results you get, facial products are going to be more sensitive than the back or arm products.

Between these two choices, there are many different allowable sources for you to use to decide which will work for you. In fact, you can find the products online or at your local drug store. You can even speak with your physician and get some samples from him as well. One example of a good inhibitor product is

Feeling your best when you are around others, doesn’t mean that you have to depend on products that don’t work. If you research enough about different hair creams then an answer will appear.

You could even try mixing the depilatory creams with the inhibitor creams until you get the results that you want. That may even help you get results faster. The options are many while the decisions are few. First decision to make, what results are you looking for when it comes to hair loss?