Proactol Plus vs. Phen375

These days fat loss is something that’s not always the easiest to attain. While diets can control our lives, forcing us to feel as if we are grazing rather than dining, processed, fatty foods can still get in and ruin the program. Especially for those of us on the go, finding the time to cook and prepare all our own meals so that we don’t eat out can be extremely difficult.

When the drive thru only takes about 7 minutes, it’s easy to see why so many of us struggle with losing weight. However, there are a few supplements that can assist in real fat loss, without having our lives completely altered by dieting and exercise.

The two most effective on the non-prescription medication market seem to be Proactol Plus and Phen375. These supplements have had astounding results, but it is important to know how they work before you make the call on which one you want to choose.

Phen 375: the Game Changer

In the decision between Proactol Plus vs. Phen375, you might just want to have a good, close look at the second. Phen 375 is a metabolism enhancer, which will increase your metabolic rate. This will result in two affects to your body.

First, you will immediately notice that you have far more energy than you’re used to. In fact, many who have taken Phen375 fat burner have noticed that they felt the energy in their 40’s that they had in their 20’s. This alone can be a very prevalent reason to use this particular supplement.

Next, increasing metabolic rate will actually cause your body to burn food much faster than it ordinarily would have. For instance, the reason why some people simply stay skinny, and it is very difficult for others to lose weight most often has to do with metabolic rate.

Those with slower metabolic rates will have to work harder in order to burn off existing food, and when he or she works out, it will take longer to burn off fat reserves. However, someone with a lightning fast metabolic rate will be able to drop pounds much faster, and have an easier time keeping off the weight.

Phen 375 essentially increases the metabolic rate of the individual, thereby allowing for that person to more easily lose weight, and keep it off for good.

Of course, it may be important to note that in the question between Proactol Plus vs. Phen375, the later will be much more intense. Some will notice an increase in heart rate and body temperature, as these are the most common side effects.

Proactol Plus: the Life Changer

If you are looking for an option that will help you lose weight more gradually, making you a much healthier person in the long run, then Proactol Plus is the choice for you.

The difference between Proactol Plus vs. Phen375 is in how these supplements work.

While Phen375 will raise metabolism aggressively, Proactol will actually bind the fat to specially developed fiber compounds found in the supplement.

Proactol Plus is known as a “fat binder”, meaning that when the food is being digested, the fiber compounds within the supplement will attach to the fat particles and force them through the digestive system, rather than being absorbed into the body.

While this does not eliminate dieting from the fat loss goal altogether, it certainly diminishes the body’s dependence upon it.


In the overall question of comparing Proactol Plus and Phen375, it is important to ask yourself how you want to lose weight, how fast you wish the process to go, and how intense you want the program to be. From that, your Proactol Plus vs. Phen375 decision should be much easier.

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