Proactol Medical Review

As far as natural fat binders go Proactol leads in terms of clinical trials, medical backing and proven credible evidence.

Having undergone 4 successful pre-clinical and clinical studies, Proactol fat binder is medically proven to help consumers reduce their dietary fat consumption by 28%, contributing to a steady weight loss of 1-2 lbs a week. Click here for more information.proactol medical review explains how it works

Compare these statistics to other weight loss pills on the market - and their corresponding data - and Proactol is by far the more reputable product.

Proven to: bind up to 28% of your fat, cut your calories consumption by 450 calories a day, suppress your appetite and cravings, reduce your blood cholesterol levels and increase your energy levels, Proactol could easily be the helping hand you need.

How does Proactol work?

Fat Binding Process

When introduced to dietary fats, the non-soluble fibres in Proactol bind with them to form a fluid gel. Once in this format your fat molecules become too large and too complex to be absorbed into the body.

As a result, these unabsorbed fats are forced to pass through your body and be excreted.

Appetite Suppression Process

Proactol’s soluble fibres are highly viscous which enables them to bind with bile acids. As a result they form a viscous solution that slows down your digestive system and the absorption of glucose into your blood stream.

In this form, the stomach finds it harder to digest causing it to remain longer in your stomach. Due to this you are left feeling fuller for longer, suppressing both your appetite and your cravings.

What Media Say

Proactol’s results alone are enough to encourage consumer confidence, but Proactol has gone one step further in their acquirement of accreditations and media publications.

To date Proactol’s many numerous health and weight loss campaigns have been featured in:

- Florida Style magazine
- The New York Times
- The Telegraph
- The Denver News
- The Daily Mail

And most recently in leading health magazine Scottish Primary Care. Here their health specialist focused on Proactol’s campaign to combat heart disease and obesity.

With such a diversity of medical officials backing Proactol's claims and clinical trials, finding a weight loss pill that match these statistics is hard to find.

Especially one that can offer consumers 100% reassurance that they will experience no negative side effects, but continued long-lasting results.

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