Phendrexin XR Review

Taking the decision to begin losing weight is the opening in beating obesity in a similar manner that it is with tobacco users and alcoholics. If you have spent months, and hundreds of dollars on weight loss plans and weight loss tablets that just did not deliver, you are probably very disappointed.

Phendrexin XR review one bottle imageThere are plenty of weight loss tablets, fad diets and all kinds of other weight loss plans. All these “magic” tablets have come and gone some with effective results, many that just didn’t work and some with unwanted side effects.

A great weight loss product should be able to squash your appetite, provide you with an energy boost and raise your metabolism. What’s important, the process should be done risk free and based on the natural components that can satisfy your cravings and feelings of hunger.

One of the cool weight loss products to have reach the market place and is having effective results is Phendrexin XR.

Phendrexin XR – What Is It?

Phendrexin XR claims to be one of the top fat burners because of its extreme formula. Phendrexin XR is a weight loss supplement made by Supreme Brands LLC. This company also produces Colotrim, Green Tea Supreme, and Green Tea Cleanse.

Phendrexin XR Ingredients

The manufacturers of Phendrexin are a little bit secretive about their product’s recipe. However, all the essential components are known. The first is Hoodia Gordonii, an appetite suppressant that has been proved efficient in medical tests. It is came from a South African plant known for treating indigestion and infection.

Extra folklore adds that it is used as an appetite suppressant for South Africans on long hunting trips. You know that pure Hoodia Gordonii is really an amazing appetite suppressant.

Another Phendrexin component is green tea. Green tea is a natural source of caffeine, a stimulant that can supercharge thermogenesis (increased metabolism). Phendrexin also contains the Brazilian diuretic cha de bugre as well as magnolia bark, banaba, and l-theanine.

Magnolia bark may not sound very appetizing, but it is gaining popularity for its proposed power to control the stress hormone cortisol. Banaba has been proven for its power to control blood sugar. And l-theanine may increase feelings of relaxation when combined with caffeine (such a Phendrexin’s green tea).

Phendrexin XR Advantages

- Phendrexin XR contains components that have been proven in clinical studies.

- You will still eating the food you like, just smaller servings.

- The official product website offers a free trial.

- Phendrexin contains components with added health benefits.

Phendrexin – Final Word

Phendrexin’s known formula is promising just because Hoodia Gordonii is especially favourite on the weight loss scene, and green tea can boost your metabolism. While the manufacturer provides a free trial, try before you buy.