How to Avoid Hoodia Scams

After reading a post at a health related forum I decided to make a short article to highlight some of the tricks many Hoodia sellers are using to make their products appear as the best. It is important you are aware of them so you can avoid scam Hoodia websites.

1. Sometimes one Hoodia bottle presented like a months supply but in reality it lasts as little as 10 days. An example of this is Hoodia Prime. They include 60 capsules in a bottle and recommend a serving size of 2 capsules up to 3 times a day.

This means you could get through 3 bottles every month. So, check carefully!

The latest product we reviewed (Hoodia Gordonii Absolute) contains 60 capsules with a maximum serving of 2 a day meaning one box does last an entire month.

hoodia pills without box image2. Next point to check: a product claims to have 1200 mg of Hoodia per serving, but they are classing a serving as 3 capsules so in reality 1 capsule contains 400 mg.

Do you see the difference? Anyone could do this to make it look like their pills contain more Hoodia than the others.

Be careful of this when you are reading how much Hoodia a pill contains. This product contains 500 mg of Hoodia per capsule.

3. Money back guarantee. Many times the sellers offer guarantees that only cover unopened boxes or unopened bottles. This means if you buy 6 bottles and try 4 before deciding it isn’t working you would only get your money back on the 2 unopened boxes.

This is hardly a guarantee that the product will work. A good supplier has at least a 3 month money back guarantee that covers the full order not just the unopened boxes.

4. Last thing: don’t buy Hoodia products from eBay since many people sell fake or uncertified substances. So, instead of cheaper deal you could run into scams or serious health issues.

These are just 4 of the tricks being used by different Hoodia sellers at the moment. There are a lot more including using Hoodia extract instead of powder, adding fillers and binders, charging excessive shipping costs, etc.

Make sure you keep an eye out for things like this and always dig a little deeper when looking for a pure Hoodia product.