Hoodia Nightslim Review

You have most likely heard about the effectiveness of certified Hoodia Gordonii to decrease your desire for food, helping you to decrease your consumption.

Most hoodia supplements focus on helping you during the day, but what about your night-time cravings?

nightslim box to avoid night-time hunger imageIf your like many dieters, evenings and night-time hunger pains are typical side-effects when embarking upon a restricted calorie diet.

NightSlim Hoodia drink stops late night hunger by giving you a clinical dose of 1.000 mg of pure hoodia gordonii.

To avoid restless sleep NightSlim includes a proven natural sleep aid called Valerian to help you sleep.

Valerian has been used extensively as a medicinal herb to combat insomnia, restlessness and anxiety.

The combined use of both natural hoodia gordonii and valerian means you get to enjoy a hunger-free and relaxing sleep - no more raiding the fridge for snacks!

NightSlim helps you stop those nightly fridge-runs and helps you enjoy a great nights sleep. Using only the best and 1.000 mg of pure fully certified Hoodia Gordonii direct from the farms in South Africa in each 59ml (2 floz) bottle.

Like only the best Hoodia supplements, NightSlim only contains fully certified Hoodia Gordonii and has all the necessary certificates of authenticity, such as CITES.

Why choose NightSlim?

- Nightslim is produced from pure and authentic Hoodia Gordonii direct from the South Africa;

- Ingredients clinically proven to suppress your appetite and help you to lose weight;

- Clinical dose of 1.000 mg of Hoodia in every bottle;

- 250mg of Valerian extract to sleep better;

- Light weight and easy to carry bottles.

hoodia drink ingredients graphic   hoodia nightslim box image

What should I expect?

- Appetite suppression for up to 5 hours - you will forget about late-night snacking;

- Calorie intake reduction by up to 2.000 calories;

- Lose 1lb - 5lb per week - safe and natural weight loss;

- a good nights sleep without food cravings.

Discounts and bonuses

Each box of Nightslim includes 12 bottles with discounts on bulk orders up to 25% off when you order 6 boxes or more.

Remember each box includes 12 bottles of 1.000 mg pure Hoodia Gordonii so start losing weight for less with the following discounts:


Price per box


 1 box



 2 boxes



 4 boxes



 6 boxes


25% provides 100% money-back guarantee so you can enjoy risk-free weight loss.

In addition, you will receive free weight loss audio downloads - "How to lose weight whilst your sleep".

Whilst NightSlim has been developed to prevent night-time hunger they make a great supplement when taken along with Hoodia capsules, such as Hoodiamax.

By providing both these natural ingredients in one Hoodia shot form, you are getting rapid results - just when you likely to feel the snack attack!

Nightslim combats your hunger pains for up to 5 hours whilst helping you to get a great nights sleep all completely natural.

So if you want to be confident that you taking an effective appetite suppressant that can also help you sleep, take advantage of the power of NightSlim to suppress your appetite.

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