Best Fat Binders Review:
Chitosan, Absorbitol and Proactol

Proactol fat binder may still be a relative new comer compared to other natural fat binders Chitosan and Absorbitol, but during this time it has established itself as a credible weight loss pill. OK, let's go:

Chitosan fat binder

chitosan clinically proven fat binderClinically tried and tested, Chitosan has undergone 5 clinical trials since its release onto the market. From these trials Chitosan has been proven to:

- Contribute to weight loss results of 7.2 lbs in 28 days
- Inhibit LDL cholesterol and boost HDL cholesterol

The one flaw of this fat binder is that it has been linked to increased irregular bowel movements that results in the excretion of the bound fat molecules in a semi-raw state.

Absorbitol fat binder

absorbidol for natural weightlossRestricted in usage to 3-4 times a week, Absorbitol has been found to:

- Produce weight loss results of 16 lbs in 30 days
- Bind 10.8g of fat with only 1g of Absorbitol
- Lower blood cholesterol levels

But consumers are advised to use this fat binder with caution to ensure that they still receive viable amounts of fat in their diet.

For this reason it is recommended that consumer’s only take is 3-4 times a week and not every day.

Proactol fat binder

Having undergone 4 successful pre-clinical and clinical studies - during which Proactol was tested under a double blind study. Proactol has been proven to block 28% of consumer’s digestible fat, contributing to successful long term weight reduction.

best fat binder proactolBut alongside each of these trials, Proactol’s standing amongst competing natural fat binders has grown further following the revelation of its numerous other natural health benefits.

Medically backed by the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and leading health official across the globe, Proactolâ„¢ is clinically proven to:

- Bind 28% of your dietary fat intake
- Lower blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure
- Reduce your calorie consumption by 150 calories per meal
- Suppress your appetite whilst lowering food cravings
- Increase joint flexibility
- Appease aches and pains

And clinically proven to cause no negative side effects, consumers can continue to use Proactol to maintain their weight loss for a long as they need.

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Which fat binder can offer consumers more promising results?

Place each of these fat binders side by side and Proactol is by far the more reliable supplement, offering consumers a risk free route to weight loss that is consistent, long term and is free from the dangers of surgery.

Proof of Proactol’s credibility amongst leading nutritionists, dieticians and Physicians can clearly be seen in its recent feature in well-renowned medical magazine Scottish Primary Care.

Featured as a supporting solution for those seeking to combat heart disease and smoking, Scottish Primary Care Magazine’s direct accreditations of Proactol’s fat binding qualities, can offer consumers the reassurance they need to take the step to natural weight loss.

And considering its growing status in the medical field, Proactol is on of the best weight loss supplements that we can readily recommend with confidence.

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