UniqueHoodia Ingredients - Now With Bioperine

What if UniqueHoodia was 30% more effective? Now it is? Over the last couple of months team of experts behind this powerful appetite suppressant was looking at how they can improve UniqueHoodia to make it even more powerful and effective than ever before.

Despite already being regarded as probably the best hoodia diet pill in the world, they wanted to do something that would make UniqueHoodia stand out even further from the competition – hence whenever you compare UniqueHoodia to any other competitor hoodia pill, there would be absolutely no reason for UniqueHoodia not to come out on top as the superior brand.

bioperine comparison chart


Well the UniqueHoodia team found the solution – a small, but very powerful 5mg addition of Bioperine. What Bioperine does is increase absorption rates by a whopping 30% ultimately making this appetite suppressant 30% more effective!

Each UniqueHoodia pill now contains 495mg of the same powerful pure Hoodia Gordonii that you’ve come to expect and love from UniqueHoodia – it’s still as pure as ever but now there is a extra 5mg of Bioperine in each pill (a notably expensive, yet powerful addition).

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Each serving of UniqueHoodia weighs in at 1485mg of pure Hoodia and 15mg of Bioperine.

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